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Basic DataGrid Features : Ability to organize information as rows and columns, with locked headers, Ability to Customize the appearance Rows and Columns, User Interactive, Draggable, Resizable, Sortable and Editable Columns, Keyboard Navigation and Accesibility Support.
Inline Filtering, with numerous built in Filter Controls, and extensible architecture to define your own.
Server and Client Paging, with a fully Customizable Pager UI.
Summary Footers, with fine tuned control over Formula, Precision, Formatting, Placement and Rendering of Footers.
Ability to Export to Excel, Word, Text, XML and other formats. Ability to plug in your own Exporters.
Preference Persistence (Ability for your end users to save viewing preferences, like column order, visibility, widths, filter criteria, print settings etc.)
Suppport for Hierarchical Data with Smooth Scrolling and Nested Tree Grids
Ability to define Fully Lazy Loaded, Partially Lazy Loaded and Initial Loaded Flat as well as Hierarchical Data Grids.
Support for Row Span and Column Span.
Support for Virtual Scroll of Hierarchical Data.
A vast number of Business Scenarios supported out of the box:
Fully Configurable Drag and Drop
Multi Column Sort
Multi Level, Grouped Column Headers
Single Cell, Single Row, Multiple Cell, Multiple Row Selection Modes.
Display of Homogenous Hierarchical Data (Single Set Of Columns)
CheckBox Selection of data, with Tri State CheckBox Header
Customizable Loading Animation
Smooth Scrolling
Display of Heterogeneous Hierarchical Data (Multiple Sets Of Columns)
Display of Heterogeneous Hierarchical Data (Multiple Sets Of Columns)
Ability to define paging, filtering and summary footers at each hierarchical level
Left and Right Locked columns
Built in Cascading and Bubbling of checkbox/row selection for hierarchical data
Built in Drill Down/Drill Up/Drill To of Hierarchical data
Toolbar action icons, with ability to define custom actions
Built in Ability to define initial sort values at any level
Built in Ability to show custom ToolTip with interactive content on hover over
Built in Ability to define custom logic that controls row selection, enabled, background, and border.
Built in Ability to Auto Adjust height based on rows, as well as prevent multiple scrollbars at hierarchical levels.
Programatic control over which cells are editable, which rows are selectable, background, border and text colors of each cell.
Read write nested properties of complex objects
Context menu based copying of data rows
Ability to declaratively define Hand Cursors, Underline, truncateToFit, wordWrap on the columns
Ability to define various column width modes, like fitToContent, Percentage and Fixed, Automatic column width adjustment on basis of data